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Why Not PostCards?

1. We do not have an awareness problem.

PostCards are an almost magical medium for solving an awareness problem. Like not remembering to vote - or even being aware of - a midterm.

Even living under a rock will not have kept you unaware of the Nov 3 election

2. We have a fear & confusion problem.

Will my mail-in ballot be counted? Will Russia/China/North Korea hack my vote? Will voting in person kill me?

A PostCard saying "VOTE!" is not going to help someone answer the screaming question, "HOW?".

3. PostCards can clog the beleaguered US Mail

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Trump's minions are determined to destroy the US Mail.

But the solution to a problem involving the destruction of the Post Office is not mailing about it.

Millions of PostCards can only

clog the works and play into their oppressive hands.


And delay ballots.

4. One PostCard cannot answer all questions.

Every state does mail-in and Early Voting differently.

Each PostCard would require custom instructions.

And a lot more space.


Even explaining: "You must make a plan" would require more space. And clog the mails.

And it could all change after the PostCard arrives, if it arrives. Adding to confusion, not clarity,

4. The most important reaching out you can do is making sure everyone you know has a Voting Plan

6. But PostCards fit you, what you like to do,

what you can do to help.

5. Waste of massive time for little candidate help.


Sending out names to you fine folks was a big job.

All day, every day for 6 weeks. Which we would happily do, if it would help


Each person writing and sending PostCards takes so much effort. Which would be fine, it it would help.

But it won't. It will just clog the mails.

The list of names are Registered Democrats, people who are already convinced. Every Dem wants to vote for every Dem candidate.


They want to know how. Which won't fit on a PostCard. Which may not even arrive. And will certainly help overburden the USPS.


PostCard Patriots was founded to harness the power of remarkable people like you, who, for whatever reason - health, schedule, personality - wanted to help flip the House, but had to do it from home.

Alas, this election, PostCards will not help.

And clogging the US Mail can actually hurt.

But there is plenty you can do.

Yes, from home.

The most important reaching out you can do is not mailing "Vote!" to a stranger in another state.
It is helping make sure every Democrat you know has made a Voting Plan.
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