In-Person Voting

If you can safely vote in person, please do.


As we learned in the General, the more votes counted on Election Night, the better

Rule # 1 - Stay Safe

Do whatever it takes to make sure you are safe. Suit up. Wear a mask, of course. Don't hesitate to add a face shield and eye protection.



Take a chair and an umbrella to claim your 6 feet. Dress warmly in layers, so you can shed as needed.


Take water and food.

Bring your own pen if you like.


Wear comfortable clothes and sensible shoes.



Wear clothes that will make it easier to safely use a public rest room.


Scope out the rest room options, make a pact with the people in front of and behind you to guard each other's spot while you use the rest room.

If you can, wear gloves that you only use for going to the restroom, and then take off and toss. Bring extra pairs.

Do not stand near the toilet when it flushes, close the lid, if there is one, before flushing.

Take hand sanitizer for after you use rest room.



Be prepared to devote the day to voting. If you cannot do that, then make a plan for Early Voting. Info here.

For some people, night works best, arriving an hour and a half before polls close - making sure you have time to park - and just waiting til it is your turn, all night if necessary.

For others, arriving first thing in the morning, getting in line at 5 AM works best.

And thank you.

Finding out your early voting options
The most important info about Early Voting is finding out your closest location and the hours it's open.
The quickest, easiest, most accurate way to find that info is consult the Secretary of State's website. Though, they are taking their own sweet time to post that info. So no one can publish it.
Or Georgia Dems.
Or Stacy Abram's Fair Fight.
Warnock & Ossoff HQ can also help.