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What You Can Do Now




Know that if you are making even the smallest effort, you are helping save us all.

But what you can do right now is textbank and phonebank. Chase down outstanding ballots. Help people find their polls or drop boxes.

    Easy banks    

Go to the web site of your favorite candidate, you will see a text or phone bank option. Click on it.

You won't be using your own phone. You won't be known to people you call.


Get ballots to the polls:


There are 385,000 outstanding ballots in Minnesota. Help people return them: Minnesota DFL

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Deliver Ballots to the Board of Elections

If your state allows it - and 26 do - gather other people's completed ballots and deliver then to the main Board of Elections. Check your state here

Post on Next Door, if you have it, that you are returning ballots for others. Call your friends.


Organize a ballot return to your church, neighborhood, or civic group.

Join Indivisible.

They are local and can make a big difference in turnout. They are filled with volunteer opportunities and are open to adding more. Indivisible.org

Join Fair Fight 


Stacey Abrams voting organization.

Click here.

Re-Tweet Good Info and Inspiration

If you are on Twitter, every time you see a Tweet that helps people know how to vote, RT.

Every time you see a phone or text bank option, RT.

If you are on FaceBook, please consider how you are aiding their destruction of Democracy and give up your account.

But until then, add Voting Truth to your timeline.