What You Can Do

Know that if you are making even the smallest effort, you are helping save us all.

Also know, you can only do what you can do. 


You must stay safe.


But try a little harder this year. Push yourself just a bit. Make sure you aren't selling yourself - and your country - short.


Have all your Dem friends made a plan to vote?

Have you asked them?

Email all the likely Democrats you know and ask. Apologize if you have to, but make sure everyone knows this is war.


Helping other Dem make a Voting Plan is the single most impactful thing you can do.


 Help them by giving them Early Voting and Ballot Drop-off Locations.


Link to this site, any site you please, but make sure everyone you know makes a plan.



Doing this one thing will be accomplishing the impact of 1000 PostCards.

   Big Deal, Big Impact: Start at Home   

At Farmer's Markets or outside grocery stores.

Help people make a plan. Apply for an absentee ballot, right there, online.

Any questions you can't answer, make a free call the lawyers at 1-866-OUR VOTE


Do it yourself: Get a burner phone and put up posters. Or call a candidate and volunteer to set it up for them.

People want to be able to "just call someone" and make it happen. You can be that someone.















Couldn't be more important.


If you can afford $5.00 or $50,000, you can help. List of worthy orgs and candidates here.

Alert: Do not give more than you can afford. Not everyone has enough to buy food these days.

But if you are in fine shape financially, open that checkbook. Wide. Here's where.



Set up or staff a "How to Vote" table.


Set up or staff a "How to Vote" hotline

Deliver Ballots to the Board of Elections

If your state allowsn - and 26 do - gather other people's completed ballots and deliver then to the main Board of Elections. Check your state here

Post on Next Door, if you have it, that you are returning ballots for others. Call your friends.


Organize a ballot return to your church, neighborhood, or civic group.


Join Indivisible.

They are local and can make a big difference in turnout. They are filled with volunteer opportunities and are open to adding more. Indivisible.org


Join Fair Fight 


Stacey Abrams voting organization.

Click here.


Get over hatred of texting and phonebanking.


If you can't, you can't. But our Democracy is in peril. You can text someone voting information they will welcome. 


Again, Indivisible, Biden-Harris HQ, and local candidates can get you the numbers.


Become a Poll Worker

If you are young and healthy, please consider becoming a paid poll worker.

Here is how


Re-Tweet Good Info and Inspiration

If you are on Twitter, every time you see a Tweet that helps people know how to vote, RT.

Every time you see someone Post a Plan, RT.


If you are on FaceBook, please consider how you are aiding their destruction of Democracy and give up your account.

But until then, add Voting Truth to your timeline.

What's your Voting Plan?


Make sure every Dem you know acts early.


As in immediately, right now.

Yeah, we're going to keep repeating this one

Don't assume. Ask them. If you can accomplish that, you will have changed the world.




Call your local candidates. Call your local Biden-Harris HQ. Like Indivisible, they have figured out how to make best use of people power during a pandemic

Most of these volunteer opportunities will be from home.


Help others return by UPS/FedEx/DHL.

Do you have extra cash and they need help with the $8.50 for UPS? Ask without shaming, say you are donating mailing labels and "May I send you one?"

Just ask.



Concentrate on the Senate

Donate.  Volunteer to text/phonebank at their HQs. Here is a list of key states.



Concentrate on Florida 


Trump cannot win without Florida. Further Florida counts their mail-ins as they arrive so they can announce a winner on Election Night.

Yes, DeSantis and Russia will be trying to steal votes, but they can't steal them all.

If we can overwhelm Florida - gee, think trying to destroy Social Security will help  - we can cut into Trump's attempt to obscure the reality he lost during election week.

So, choose Florida. Contact local offices, volunteer to text and phonebank.

Donate to Florida Dems

Florida on Adopt-a-State



Promote Voting Week Expectations

Election night results are unlikely to happen. Even when he loses Florida, Trump is still going to sue.


Start lowering expectations in yourself and those around you.


Trump's #1 reason to steal - "I was ahead on Election Night, those other votes were illegitimate."


Get over losing PostCards

But you loved PostCards. the coloring, the personal messaging, the being able to make an impact on your own, from home.

So did we. But PostCards urging "Vote" are not what people need now. They need specific info on how to vote and they need urging to vote early. Without overwhelming USPS.


Send us your ideas.

If you know of great ideas, alert us.

For example, here is a brilliant list from WaterGirl at Balloon-Juice.com



Watch for grift.

Be advised, PostCards were so popular in 2018, that there are PostCard orgs whose main goal is to make money through "donations" and clubs and selling PostCards. Do not help them clog the mail.

Do not fall for "placating". Campaigns and money-making orgs will capitalize on how good it makes people feel to send PostCards. Rope you in, ask for money.

Please do not waste time. Our nation needs big help. Right now.