Rule 1-ACT NOW!!!

Guerilla Warfare

Mail-in Voting Rules

Immediately is not soon enough.


Trump is doing every thing he can to stop mail-in votes. Beyond decimating USPS, he could confiscate ballots, leave off time stamps, even fire bomb drop-off boxes.

Understand how vital these rules are, share with others. You will have done the work of 1000 PostCards



It could take a month or more to arrive.


If it does arrive, what next? Follow the Rules:



Return it within 24 hours.

See Rule #5 for how.




Even if they feel translated from another language, work hard to a make sure you do exactly what they require.


Sign your ballot clearly.

A large percentage of legitimately excluded ballots happen because people forget to sign.

Use your best signature.

Follow your driver's license if in doubt.


Trump's stooges will be doing everything they can to exclude your ballot, signature match is their favorite.


Try to keep your ballot out of the US Mail.

Best choice for return:

Drop off your completed ballot at the main Board of Elections.


Can't fire bomb a building. (knock wood)

Or use a designated official drop box.

Again, check your state's Secretary of State website. Click here, or just search "(Your State) Secretary of State"


Or call Biden or Senate/local race HQ. Someone will help you figure out your best drop-off choice

In 26 States, people are allowed to collect and return ballots for others.


Check here for yours.


In experienced States, use the drop boxes.

In battleground states run by GOP, drop boxes could become a place where they confiscate ballots. Again, acting early could help.

Make sure the drop box is legit. If you have doubts, call your Board of Elections and ask.



If you can afford it, and your state allows, return by UPS Ground or FedEx 3-day. About $8.50.


Keeps a ballot out of the mail, plus, you can track it.

UPS Ground local is the best choice because it usually gets delivered the next day. But Fed-Ex 3-day will work, too.

You may have heard that delivery services do not provide postmarks. This is true. But if the ballot arrives well before Election Day, it will have been accepted, postmark not needed.  If there is any recount insanity, there will be much documentation.


If you hav no choice but to return by mail, put 2 to 3 "Forever" postage stamps over the pre-paid indicia.

(55 cents each).


That way they must put a time-stamp on the envelope. And treat it like first class mail.






Pre-paid envelopes may not get time-stamped and treated like bulk mail. Which means they could arrive late, not postmarked, and get tossed.


If you do not have a month to return your ballot by mail, you must drop it off or use UPS/FedEx/DHL.


Be prepared to correct mistakes. Most states offer the opportunity for poorly executed ballots to be corrected.

Whether or not you have time to receive notice or execute the correction depends on your following Rule #1

How to get an Absentee Ballot
Since every state is different, and some have deadlines and some don't the best way to get accurate information is to Search:
"(Your State Name) Absentee Ballot"
Do not click the first result, it is a generic site.
Scroll to at least the second. Which is likely to be the .gov website of your state.
Which you can also find here:
Easiest way to find that - Search:
"(Your State's Name)
  Secretary of State"
or click here
That is the most direct route.
There are also sites that will help you:
Most states will let you request online. Some make you give a reason, in writing, and must approve you.
Some make you have a witness when you vote.
Special Pennsylvania Rules