Help them understand the urgency of acting now.

Lift quotes from this site like:

"What if it takes a month or more, for your to Absentee Ballot to arrive? And more than that to return it"

Please make a plan now. No plan = a Trump win.

How We Will Beat Trump:

Help Every Democrat Make Their

Best Voting Plan

Link to this site "Deciding How to Vote" page or any other page you think will help them. Link to anything you think will help wake them up and plan well

Include links to Early Voting locations specific to them, if you can. How to find them here.

Follow up once. Apologize for being pushy if you feel obliged. But anyone with any sense of decency will appreciate your concern, not resent it.

Making sure every Democrat you know has a Voting Plan is the most important "Volunteer Effort" you can make this year.


Easiest way to reach out to other people is email.

Think of it as electronic PostCards.