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Deciding How to Vote


The Dems will have hundreds of attorneys and other volunteers watching. (Lawyers volunteer here)


And most people involved with elections want to see them be open and fair. Conscientious election officials will check vote totals.

So, all you can do is decide what works for you. And then help others make that same decision.

There are over 113,00 polling places across America.

Russia can't hack everything.

Easy choices



If you live in a state with long experience with mail-in voting, lucky you. Stay home. Vote by mail.

But follow the Guerilla Warfare Rules.








If you can Vote Early, in person, at designated polling places and you feel safe doing so, please do this.


Every vote against Trump counted on Election Night helps.

But make a plan. Don't wait, choose your date and time, trade off childcare if necessary.

Be prepared to make an effort and, possibly, have to wait, but know you will have helped stop Trump

Early Voting Info

(State-by-State info)

More State-by-State info



If you live in a small town or a prosperous area of a mask-wearing state, you are likely to be safe going to the polls on Election Day.


Please choose this option if you feel safe.

You'll be adding another anti-Trump ballot to Election Night totals. Which we need.

Other Choices







For many of us, the only truly safe choice

What if you would like to vote in person?

Here's how

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Plan ahead or you'll have no choices.

And once you have a plan, help other Democrats make theirs.

More info:
Vote Save America